Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Complete

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The Ettore Master Squeegee is a tool used in the window cleaning industry to remove water and soap from glass surfaces.

The Ettore Master Brass Squeegee Complete is the original squeegee - built to precision tolerance for the perfect balance and weight, sturdy, long-lasting, and made of tempered brass. These squeegees are hand inspected for exceptional quality control.

This is a channel and the recommended handle in a complete unit, with one rubber squeegee blade already installed.

Here's a quick guide of how to use:

1. Prepare the squeegee: Before using the squeegee, make sure it is clean and the blade is in good condition. The blade should be straight and free of nicks or burrs.

2. Apply soap and water: Apply a cleaning solution to the glass surface and use a scrubber or brush to loosen dirt and grime. Rinse the surface with water.

3. Choose the right blade size: Choose a blade size that is appropriate for the size of the glass surface being cleaned. The blade should be slightly wider than the area being cleaned to ensure maximum coverage.  With sizes from 6" to 18", you can pick the one that is right for your windows.

4. Hold the squeegee: Hold the squeegee handle with one hand and position the blade against the top of the glass surface at a slight angle.  Use a light touch!  Squeegee should slide on the glass 

5. Pull the squeegee: Pull the squeegee down the glass surface in a smooth, continuous motion. Apply enough pressure to remove the water and soap, but not so much that it leaves streaks.

6. Wipe the blade: After each pass, wipe the blade of the squeegee with a clean cloth to remove any water or soap residue. This will prevent streaks and ensure a clean surface.

7. Repeat the process: Repeat the process until the entire glass surface has been cleaned. Make sure to overlap each pass to ensure a streak-free finish.

Available in sizes 6, 12, 14, 16, and 18 inch.

Ettore Part Nos. 1013, 1017, 1021, 1025