Ettore Window Cleaning Tools


Windows are the eyes to the soul of a building. The greatest desire for a window cleaning professional is to deliver sparkling results faster and effortlessly. The most outstanding achievement is to transform the feel of an office or living space. Ettore window cleaning tools can help you do that.

Going above and beyond

Ettore window cleaning products are as diverse as their benefits. The cleaning tools are designed to enhance every aspect of your specialty cleaning operations and deliver splendid results –every time. This means speed, freedom, job satisfaction.

A history of innovation

When Ettore Steccone left the army in 1922 to become a window cleaner, he didn’t like the tools on offer then. With creativity and a little bohemian thinking, he turned around the heavy steel squeegee used at the time into a compact, easy to use and effective squeegee. This was the start of Ettore, the company.

The window cleaning Product Company has dramatically evolved since then. They grasp nettles. They innovate products that address costs, fatigue, and stains. Ettore is the building block for a successful window cleaning business.

Ettore Squeegee

It takes guts and grit to run a successful window cleaning business. Tough stains are constantly a part of the job. Someone defenestrated a bunch of strawberries which froze on the window in a hardwearing homely tint. There is bird poo too. You don’t have to go broke on soap and stain removers. Ettore squeegee is a powerful window cleaning detergent.

It is designed for excellent results and great cost savings. You pour a little in a bucket, add water and use it on the windows with a wipe (try Ettore rubber). It delivers clear streak-free widows – instantly and effortlessly.

Ettore Rubber

You earn a tidy sum when you clean big buildings. The biggest challenge here is reliable products that can help you work faster and effectively. The right glass rubber is soap-economical. It shouldn’t leave streaks. It should be easy to attach to an extension pole.

Whether you are cleaning a townhouse or the tallest skyscraper in the city, Ettore rubber will meet your needs. First, this is an affordable window cleaning tool. It can help you slash overhead costs.

Ettore rubber is easy to work with and uses only a few drops of soap in water. It delivers superb results. You can work faster without the fear of leaving streaks. Clients will be happy.

Ettore Pole

You guessed it right. When you have a skyscraper to clean, you will need an extension pole for your glass cleaning rubber. A telescopic pole (extendable length) will do you wonders. With the Ettore pole, you can quickly adjust the size and reach the tallest part of the windows without breaking a sweat.

The Ettore window cleaning poles provide a new standard of safety and efficiency. The poles are lightweight and extendable by 3-5 ft. Ettore poles deliver satisfactory cleaning results. The poles can be a terrific boon to your professional/commercial window cleaning operations.

Ettore Window Wand

The best window wand saves effort and time. These window cleaning tools should deliver shining results every time. They should serve you for a long time. Ettore window wand is a microfiber cleaning wand designed to clean without the risk of lint or steaks.

It is readily compatible with the extendable pole and durable silicone rubber blade as a complete window cleaning products. The microfiber is easy to wash. Window cleaning is certainly not an easy job. Use Ettore products to double your productivity and deliver outstanding results.