Ettore Super Channel Contour Pro+ Handle (For Thick Aluminum Channels)

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The Ettore Contour Pro+ Handle is revolutionizing the industry by combining multiple time-saving features into one amazing tool. Make you window cleaning faster, easier, and more profitable! This is the only squeegee handle you will ever need!

It is made with a high-strength polymer material and give you head angles from 0 to 50 degrees. It has four time-saving features in one amazing squeegee handle!

Patented Suspension System:

  • Superior for closing out deep-silled windows
  • Adjustable spring tension - customize to your preference
  • Consistent, even pressure to eliminate streaking and make your rubber last longer

Super System:

  • Automatically adjusts to angle without lifting the rubber from the glass
  • Ideal for cleaning irregular shaped glass
  • Swivels horizontally 180 degree

Zero Degree Feature:

  • With the flip of a lever, this squeegee transforms to a zero degree angle
  • Perfect for cleaning overhead glass in atriums - eliminating back strain
  • Also great for closing out windows that go below your waist
  • Allows fanning with a pole

This is the Ettore Super Channel Contour Pro+ Handle, which works with standard thickness brass and stainless steel channels.(more...)